I'm pretty lenient about what happens to the stuff I make seeing as I'm lenient with stuff other people make. It's a game after-all and I'm into sharing-is-caring and all that. All I ask in return is that you don't claim anything here as your own or upload them to paysites either. It's definitely alright to include them in your sims, alter them, rip them apart, recolor, retexture or paint over. It'd be really nice if you show me what you made!


Feel to free to comment on posts. Anonymous commenting is on so people without LJ or Dreamwidth accounts can join in on the fun. A simple 'thank you' is really appreciated and means a lot. I'm willing to consider requests but suggestions are always welcome. WCIFs are okay and I'll try my best to help you locate things as possible. I just won't guarantee since I tend to shuffle through downloads a lot. If you need to contact me at all, go right on ahead!

I figured it's about time I posted this, the quintessential resource list. I've categorized them into 4: Defaults, Bodyshop items, Build mode and Buy mode, and they're further segregated by site then CC creator. I'll try include link as much as possible.

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Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates. School has started for me and the workload just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Currently, classes are suspended because of the A(H1N1) flu outbreak thus the update.

I haven't been playing a lot of Sims 2, honestly. I tried out the Sims 3 the week it came out and I don't think it sucks as much as some people say it does. I actually like it. I'm a very visual person so all the beautiful scenery is a nice touch. And I love the traits system! And the Create-a-Style tool IS ABSOLUTELY HEAVEN-SENT! I can spend hours and hours designing a home, making sure everything matches or goes with one another. I think it's wonderful! :)

Though one hang-up on Sims 3 is that my graphics card really can't handle all the anti-aliasing. To have nice smooth graphics, I have to max out all the graphics options, which slows down the gameplay alot. The picture above is one I took on a medium-setting and heavily photoshopped to make it all appear smooth and soft.

I have no idea what to make as far as CC goes since it's been a while since I've last done this. I'm open for suggestions and all that. :) Fire away!

Hurray for these being done! I probably started these a million years ago but I refixed (yes, refixed, meaning for the 8th time) the mesh and subsequently the mapping and subsequently, the texture and alpha and sajdklsdj these puppies are finally USABLE!  So these are the EA Store Asian Fusion kimono dress mesh with the Club Crimsyn Nekkid boots.

Some BASIC INFO: 8 colors, 3 are the original Maxis extracted and applied to this mesh and 5 recolors by yours truly. They're all in the huge preview below. Mesh included. All the holes (meaning the strips under the skirt, under the arm holes) are matched to the dress color. Sadly, they have no fat or pregnant morphs. These are for female adults and young adults.

Policy and Credit: Terms of Use located here. Resource post is currently a work-in-progress but is located here. Feel free to ask questions of any sort. Credit to Maxis, of course, Club Crimsyn, Jour, Ephemera, Pooklet, Azaya for the skintones used in the previews.

I found these on Yagi Sims and waited for the lovely people on SimsCave to find and upload them. Yagi Sims have a couple beautiful hybrid Peggy-New Sea meshes up and they're just waiting for a retexture. I used Nouk's textures on these since Pooklet's Vintage D's edits didn't work as well as I wanted to for this one.

Info: Binned, Familied, Compressorized with the Yagi Sims mesh included. 8 natural colors as shown below. They're named properly and have the appropriate tool tips. The elder file is attached to the Blonde, which is my custom, in case you want to take out certain colors.

Policy and Credit: Terms of Use located here. Resource post is currently a work-in-progress. Model used for the in-game preview is Daryan the amazing non-pale zombie. Feel free to ask questions of any sort.



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